Permanent Placement

Direct Hire | After  thoroughly outlining the job description and qualities of the ideal candidate for each client, our strategic recruiting team will find and source candidates of all levels for a direct hire. This service ensures a much more appropriate and qualified individual, as McKinley and Co. has a nationwide database of thousands of applicants from which to choose.


Temporary to Permanent

McKinley and Co, utilizing the process outlined above, will place a mutually agreed upon McKinley and Co. contractor with your organization to work on a contract basis in order to fulfill a short or long term need. There is no obligation to employ the contractor once the contract/project is complete.


Contract Employment

Contract To Hire | After passing through McKinley and Co’s extensive screening process, a contractor will be placed for an agreed upon time. At the end of the contract period, clients will have the option of taking that person on as a permanent employee, with no additional fee. This service provides an excellent opportunity to “try before you buy,” thus ensuring the employee is the best fit for your company culture.


Recruitment Process Outsourced

RPO | Many organizations are benefiting by outsourcing all or part of their recruiting processes in order to reduce their cost of hiring.  At McKinley & Co, we take a strategic approach to grasp our client’s business needs with great clarity and deliver an outsourcing solution that offers a talented pipeline.

The advantages of McKinley & Co. RPO solution include:

  • Reduced cost per hire and time to fill
  • Streamlined full-cycle recruitment process
  • Increased Hiring Manager satisfaction, candidate/new hire satisfaction and candidate diversity

McKinley & Co. can deliver a unique client based innovative solution to meet  demands and exceed expectations.  Our RPO Team can provide a broad range of recruitment outsourcing solutions from end-to-end recruitment, whether it’s critical, hard to fill roles or high-volume hiring. Our solutions are built to be flexible in order to adapt with the changing demands of our clients.

Our RPO solutions include:

  • Off-site recruiters and/or On-site recruiters based at client locations
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Screening and assessment
  • Background and drug screen
  • In dept Communication to ensure success


McKinley and Co. offers permanent placements, contract/project employment, and temporary-to-permanent services across the US.

We understand that people are the driving force behind the growth and success of your business. Whether you need national project staffing and implementation support, or a single contractor, the right people make all the difference.

In today’s dynamic business environment, how you manage and implement your staffing strategy can determine your success. McKinley and Co. has the expert staffing solutions to help your business succeed.

Talent "Matchmaker"

Whether you need to fill one or 100 positions, McKinley and Co. can help.

Our team has provided top talent across a number of disciplines. Every candidate presented will be fully qualified and meet the specific needs of each client.

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