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If you want to discover those elusive yet fulfilling roles for Med Surg RNs, ER Nurses, LPNs, Utilization Nurses, and Surgical Techs like yourself because you’re looking for an improved work-life balance, contact McKinley today. All sorts of experienced and highly-trained nurses trust us to help them kick-start their careers, find a temporary position, or switch into a better paid full-time role. You could become our next happy nurse by simply submitting your resume to our recruitment experts. They’ll get to work on connecting you to roles you are a great fit for as soon as you submit. Check out the jobs page too since we might already have published the right role for you to start the next phase of your career today.

Join Other Nurses Enjoying Flexible Working Opportunities
Control your time commitment and pay expectations better with placement solutions that are designed to boost your career path. Explore some of the solutions that we have for you at McKinley:
Here’s how we do it at McKinley & Company.

Travel Nursing

Travel to work with healthcare facilities in different parts of the country and enjoy new sights while at it. Focus on delivering stellar services while we cover your accommodation, transport, health coverage, and other benefits.


You don’t have to leave your main job to excel and earn more in a per diem role. Let us handle handsome hourly pay negotiations for you at a flexible per diem role where you work for just the number of hours you can spare every week.


Show off and sharpen your skills while earning more with a contract role. Work a predetermined stint at your chosen healthcare facility and leave the time commitment and pay negotiations to us.


Leverage the freedom of the contract solution to determine if you’ll commit fully to an employer. Become a full time staff member of a healthcare facility after checking it out during the contract position – or come back to us for another contract role.

Direct Hire Placement

Step into new roles at healthcare facilities that are interested in having your unique nursing skills in-house, full-time. We’ll help you make a seamless transition – from pay and benefits negotiation to increasing your chances of success in the new role. Boost your chances of securing profitable roles with a staffing agency that truly cares about you. Help our expert recruitment team determine the best roles for you when you submit your resume to us – and don’t forget to check out the jobs we might already have for you.

We Supply Clinics, Operating Rooms, and Emergency Rooms with Reliable Nursing Staff
Tap into our talent pool of trusted, qualified, and vetted nurses willing to deploy their unique skill-set to improve the quality of patient-care in your facilities.
Explore the solutions that we have for employers like you or simply request the staff that you need to let us get started on making you a success story too.